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Looted and Hidden – Palestinian Archives in Israel

Rona Sela 2017

The film “Looted and Hidden” explores Palestinian archives taken by Israeli / Jewish forces during the 20th century, now buried in Israeli military vaults. Stemming from a prolonged effort to access classified materials, the movie showcases once-lost archival footage and images. It emphasizes treasures seized in Beirut in the 1980s, spotlighting film and visual archives that chronicled the Palestinian Revolution from the late 1960s to the early 1980s. Additionally, it touches on photographic archives taken since the 1930s. The film questions archival practices in colonial regions and conflict zones, underscoring the importance of uncovering what’s been altered or removed.


  • +972 Magazine
    "Sela smartly chose to base her film on the rare images themselves. She builds the story of the film as a correspondence between herself and a number of Palestinians, and even an Israeli soldier who served in Beirut."
    Rami Younis
  • Al Jazeera
    " Looted and Hidden: Palestinian Archives in Israel includes never-before-seen visual images of Palestinian history that the Israeli army looted from archives in Beirut."
    Nour Saudi

Festival Participation

  • International Film Festival Rotterdam - 2018
  • Female Filmmakers Film Festival - 2018
  • Toronto Palestine Film Festival - 2017
  • Boston Palestine Film Festival - 2017
  • Palestinian Film Festival in Australia - 2017
  • Palestine Filmer C’est Exister, Geneva - 2017
  • Zochrot, 48 mm Film Festival - 2017

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