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How to lose your virginity


Female virginity. The US government has spent 1.5 billion dollars promoting it. It has fetched $750,000 at auction. There is no official medical definition for it. And 50 years after the sexual revolution, it continues to define a young woman’s morality and self-worth.
How to Lose Your Virginity reveals the myths, dogma and misconceptions behind this so-called precious gift. We meet sex educators, porn producers, abstinence advocates, and outspoken teens who share their own stories of having–or not having–sex.


  • Video Librarian
    Despite the title, this candid documentary is not a how-to guide, but rather an examination of the cultural value that America places on virginity… Entertaining and thought-provoking, this is recommended.
  • Educational Media Reviews Online
     This film would be beneficial for both academic and public libraries and should be required viewing in sex education classes in schools… Highly Recommended

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