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Midsummer in Newtown


When Newtown, Connecticut, was devastated by the loss of 20 first graders and six adults at the hands of a shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the world looked on in horror unable to fathom such a tragedy. In the emotionally powerful and uplifting documentary Midsummer in Newtown, filmmaker Lloyd Kramer gains intimate access to three families who find hope in the transformative power of the arts.

A poignant reminder that there is heroism in simply living each day, Midsummer in Newtown is a soaring testament to the artistic expression of people determined to reflect love and beauty, in spite of the horror they’ve endured.


Running Time: 81 min.
Subject(s): Arts and Culture, Creative, Family, Music, Youth
Language(s): English
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Tom Yellin, Braden Cleveland Bergan, Jo Budzilowicz
Cinematographer: Matt Peterson
Editor(s): Amilcar Gomes
Production Company: Vulcan Productions and Participant Media

Festival Participation

  • Tribeca Film Festival - 2016
  • Seattle International Film Festival - 2016

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