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Mighty Uke


Born in Hawaii in the 1880’s, the ukulele was so easy to play that by the 20’s, it was the most popular instrument in the American home. But then the rise of the rock and roll guitar pushed the uke into nerdy obscurity. Until now. In the Internet age, the instrument is making a comeback, and a new generation is rediscovering a unique musical voice.
MIGHTY UKE travels the world to chronicle the amazing and unlikely comeback of a musical underdog.


  • Just came home from the premiere of the movie in Toronto (home town of the film's director and producer) and am out of superlatives to describe it but will try. It's unpredictable, delightful, surprising, enchanting, soothing and none of us wanted it to end.
    -Toronto, ON
  • One of the best documentaries we have ever seen! Came upon it accidentally and we were enthralled!
    -Milton, ON
  • A will leave you with a burning desire to get your own ukulele.
    PDX Pipeline, Portland
  • Delightful - had a smile on my face through the entire film... thanks for sharing this story with us.
    -Portland, Oregon
  • Offers key musical discoveries every 3 minutes.
  • A sweet, fascinating documentary.
  • I watched, in amazement... I want to share this incredible movie with my musical colleagues. Please let me know how I can get my hands on copies of The Mighty Uke movie as soon as it is possible. Thank you!
    -Milton, Ontario
  • Whatta great doc! I'm not even a Uke guy and I loved it!
    -Vancouver, BC

Festival Participation

  • Woodstock Film Festival, USA - 2009
  • Whistler Film Festival, USA - 2009
  • Portland Reel Music, USA - 2009
  • Big Sky Documentary Festival, USA - 2010
  • Doxa Documentary Festival, Canada - 2010
  • Fort Lauderdale Independent Film Festival, USA - 2010
  • Canadian Film Festival, Australia - 2010

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