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Miss Nikki and the Tiger Girls


Born out of an unholy alliance between Miss Nikki, an artistic and ambitious Australian free spirit, and Peter Thein, an unscrupulous Burmese entrepreneur out to make a buck, the story of the Tiger Girls and their journey towards self-expression is an uplifting look at Girl Power against all odds. Using songs written by the girls to progress the narrative, their search for freedom of expression mirrors the tentative steps their country is taking to do the same thing.


  • IndieWire
    10 Docs to Watch at IDFA 2012: "The changes that are taking place in Myanmar (Burma) are brought into tuneful context in the breezily engaging Miss Nikki And The Tiger Girls"
  • Variety
    "The docu effectively presents the big picture of a nation in transition through a Girl Power-charged portrait of the group and its go-getting Australian manager-mentor, Nikki May"
  • Screen International
    "Impressively colourful and breezy"

Festival Participation

  • Planete + Doc Film Festival, Poland - 2013
  • Amsterdam International Documentary Festival, Netherlands - 2012

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