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My Prairie Home


A poetic journey through landscapes both real and emotional, Chelsea McMullan’s documentary-musical offers an intimate portrait of transgender singer Rae Spoon, set to stunning images of the Canadian Prairies. McMullan’s imaginative visual interpretations of Spoon’s songs make this an unforgettable look at a unique Canadian artist.

Running Time: 76 min
Subject(s): Arts and Culture, Author's POV, Creative, Gender, Hybrid, LGBT, Media, Music, Personal Story, Sexuality
Language(s): English, French
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Silva Basmajian, Lea Marin
Editor(s): Avril Jacobson
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada


  • Educational Media Reviews Online
    The pace of the film is contemplative, with lots of long shots of prairie fields and swirling birds illustrating the tedium of life on the road. Likewise, the stories that Spoon tells are deliberate and unhurried. They fit together to tell one person’s experience with the ways in which gender identity is discovered, constructed, and deconstructed. The best parts of the film, though, are the musical performances. The creativity in the music’s presentation, and Spoon’s obvious musical talent, make this film Recommended.
    Timothy Hackman, University of Maryland

Festival Participation

  • Vancouver Film Critics Association Awards - 2014
    Best Canadian Documentary
  • Festival MIX Milano - 2014
    Best Documentary
  • Cracow International Film Festival - 2014
    Special Mention

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