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No Word for Worry


As one of the last indigenous sea nomads, Hook must make a courageous voyage deep into uncharted waters outside Myanmar to salvage the remains of his unique oceanic culture.

The film follows Hook from the bottom of the modern social ladder on a voyage into the heart of the Moken’s aquatic territory. On his quest to salvage the remains of his legacy, he faces the universal questions of identity, love, loss and belonging. A unique insight into the words last ocean dwellers.

Running Time: 89 min.
Subject(s): Animals, Current Affairs, Ecology, Environment, Nature and Wildlife, Society
Language(s): English
Producer(s): Runar Jarle Wiik
Production Company: Ten Thousand Images / Hallum & Jensen


  • A fantastic film! It is a gentle and generous introduction to the Moken world, which is as precious as it is fragile. Hook is the best representative any culture could have, a man of quiet dignity and resolve. The film is also remarkably visual - just amazing images and colors. More than any other Norwegian film in recent history, this film is important and needs to be seen around the world.
    Peter Eisenstein, Screenwriter
  • No Word for Worry is an aesthetic and thematic shock that anyone with a conscience for nature, culture and the environment must see.
    2014 Eurodok Festival
  • This years "Golden Chair” prize for best Norwegian documentary is awarded to a film which shows its greatness through both visual expression and content. The documentary shows the power to make a difference. This is a universal story about the little man against the big powers. The film is beautifully photographed and has a cinematic style where the scenes are allowed to live and the images to last a long time. The director allows us to be in situations and does not fall for the temptation to overtell. The filmmaker lets us breathe, even under water.
    Jury Statement, 2014 Kortfilm Festivalen

Festival Participation

  • Blue Ocean Film Festival, USA - 2014
  • Eurodoc, Norway - 2014
    Audience Award
  • Nordic Docs, Norway - 2014
    Best Cinematography Award
  • Kortfilm festivalen Grimstad, Norway - 2014
    Golden Chair Award for Best Documentary

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