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Pets On Prozac


Pet spas offer “paw-dicures”; celebrity chefs dish up treats at pet delis; and everything from braces to stem cell transplants to heart surgery is now available for your pet… assuming you can afford it. The newest trend is the most controversial and revealing: psychoactive drugs for dogs and cats. Identifying a multi-billion dollar untapped market, Big Pharma has just released a handful of designer drugs for pets, treating aggression, separation anxiety, obesity, and diminished mental capacity due to aging, with more medications to follow.

Running Time: 58 min.
Subject(s): Animals, Ecology, Environment, Science, Society
Language(s): English
Producer(s): Patrick Reed
Cinematographer: Neville Ottey
Editor(s): Steve Weslak
Production Company: White Pine Pictures

Festival Participation

  • Yorktown Film Festival - 2011

Distribution Company

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