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Rafting to Bombay


In November 2008, while Israeli director Erez Laufer was filming in Mumbai, he found himself amidst the city’s worst terror attack. The documentary “Rafting to Bombay” intertwines this contemporary crisis with the story of Laufer’s father, Nahum, who as a child escaped the Nazis by fleeing to Mumbai. This city, once a refuge for Jewish refugees during World War II, becomes a backdrop for a family’s multi-generational saga. The film juxtaposes Nahum’s childhood memories of an enchanting India with the stark reality of their harrowing escape, revealing a poignant narrative of survival and memory across three generations.

Festival Participation

  • Jerusalem Film festival - 2009
    The Jewish Experience
  • Washington DC Jewish Film Festival - 2009
  • Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) - 2010
  • Clair-obscur Cinema Art Festival, Basel Switzerland
  • Tucson Jewish Film Festival - 2010
  • Contra-Costa Jewish International Film Festival, Oakland CA - 2010
  • Utopia JCC Film Series, Queens NY - 2010
  • New Jersey Israel Film Series - 2010
    Tenafly & Wayne
  • Seattle Jewish International Film Festival - 2010
  • Detroit Jewish Film Festival - 2010

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