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Red Forest Hotel


China has begun to invest in recycling, renewable energy and other environmental reforms in an effort to combat climate change. Filmmaker Mika Koskinen begins exploring how China’s green policies could set an example for the rest of the world. But the project takes a surprising turn when Koskinen uncovers links between the Chinese government and a global forestry corporation. Barred from approaching the paper plantations and interviewing locals to find out what is really going on, the filmmaker is isolated at the Red Forest Hotel, and finds himself embroiled in a Kafkaesque political thriller.


  • The story unfolds like a suspense film.
    Taneli Topelius, IS
  • Documentary film at its best.
    Jukka Vuorio, Seura
  • ...quite a feather in Koskinen's cap, and an important lesson on where our money is invested.
    Pekka Mykkänen, HS
  • Mika Koskinen lets his camera record with surprising courage, even when told not to.
    Olli-Matti Oinonen, Savon Sanomat
  • The strange chain of peculiar events resembles a mystery story....The absurdity of the events would be funny if things weren't so serious.
    Rane Aunimo, Uutispäivä Demari
  • Full of tragicomedy and absurdism, even a threat of violence.
    Vesa Skaffari, smackthejack
  • Closer to a detective story than an environmental documentary.
    Rane Aunimo, Uutispäivä Demari
  • Kafka's spirit is alive in the Far East.
    Katso, Ismo Lehtonen

Festival Participation

  • Barents Ecology FF
  • Doc House, UK
  • DocsDF
  • Docville
  • European Film Festival Palic
  • Milano Film Festival
  • Monterrey International Film Festival
  • Planete Doc Review
  • Human Rights Film Festival, Paris
  • Festival du Film Vert, Geneva
  • Ethical Christmas Fair, Helsinki
  • Manya Human Rights International Film Festival, Uganda
  • One World Film Festival, Pristina

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