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The Road to Fame

Hao Wu 2013

China’s top drama academy stages the American musical “Fame”—China’s first official collaboration with Broadway—as the graduation showcase for its senior class. During the eight-month rehearsal, five students compete for roles, struggle with pressure from family and authority, and prepare to graduate into China’s corrupt entertainment industry.
Part of China’s single-child generation, they were spoiled growing up but are now obliged to carry on the failed dreams of their parents.


  • The Road to Fame shows what it means to be young, spoilt and talented in China. The film is a terrific showbiz epic that delves deep into such distinctively Chinese themes as how great the expectations of China's only children are, and how intensely parents strive for their fulfillment.
    -Nick Fraser, BBC Storyville
  • Especially timely
    Voice of America
  • Offering a novel perspective on the first generation born under the one-child policy
    The Hollywood Reporter
  • Empathetic pic could click with assorted TV auds, including China watchers, musical-theater aficionados and connoisseurs of cross-cultural phenomena.
  • A fascinating, revealing portrait of modern Chinese society
    Time Out

Festival Participation

  • The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
    Grand Jury Award and Best Editor Award
  • Udine FAR EAST FILM festival
  • Nashville Film Festival
  • Singapore Chinese Film Festival
  • Palm Beach International Film Festival
  • Atlanta Film Festival
  • CAAMFest
  • Stranger Than Fiction Docs
  • DC Independent Film Festival

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