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School Of Seduction


Three Russian women in their 30s who all seek the same: security, a higher social status and eternal happiness. Not an easy wish to fulfill in today’s Russia, where the patriarchy dominates. So our heroines take matters into their own hands and join a course in the art of seducing a man – preferably a rich one. Seven years of recordings paint a sometimes tragicomic picture of gender roles and femininity in Putin’s Russia.


  • “A thoughtful look at Russian culture and the long-term impact on the lives of individual ‘graduates’ of Seduction School and their families”
  • “A jaw-dropping look at one of the many new businesses designed to help women get ahead in Russia's post-communist, new capitalist marriage market. At a time where political and cultural reactionary movements are fast-growing all over the world, this documentary feels very relevant.”

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  • Dok.fest München
  • Sydney FF

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