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Seeds of Summer

Hen Lasker 2007

Seven years after completing an IDF course for female combat soldiers, the director returns to the place where, for the first time, she fell in love with a woman – her commanding officer. Over the course of 66 days and nights, the film follows the girls in one of the IDF’s most rigorous combat courses and looks at the relationships that develop between girls in an environment subject to strict military code.


  • "This rare look at femininity in uniform explores the fine line between admiration and infatuation, between power and desire, focusing on the moment when admiration transforms into homo-erotic love."
    Asafa Peled
  • "A marvelous documentary... Heavy artillery of irony and tenderness."
    Mariana Benenson
  • "An intimate film, fascinating in its honesty, which raises difficult questions about the role of women within the patriarchal-hierarchical army system … This sensitive documentary portrays the daily routines of this group of lost girls playing their part in the "game of war"…A penetrating and disturbing film."
    Rom Levkovich

Festival Participation

  • In Competition - International Gay-Lesbian Festival for Audio-Visual Art of Andalusia - 2009
  • In Competition - Sofia International Film Festival - 2009
  • Official Selection - the Paris LGBT Film Festival "Cheries-Cheris" - 2009
  • Official Selection - Asian Queer Film Festival (AQFF) - 2009
  • RIDM - Les Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal - 2008
  • In Competition - Frameline 33, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival - 2008
  • In Competition - EntreVues, Belfort International Film Festival - 2008
  • In Competition – NewFest - The 20th Anniversary New York LGBT Film Festival - 2008
  • In Competition - 32nd São Paulo International Film Festival - 2008
  • In Competition – OutFest - 26th Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - 2008
  • In Competition – MiradasDoc (DOCOSUR) - 2008
  • In Competition- The 27th Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival - 2008
  • In Competition - Inside Out Toronto Lesbian & Gay Film and Video Festival - 2008
  • In Competition –The Jerusalem International Film Festival - 2007

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