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Snow Monkey


In Snow Monkey, Gittoes paints a portrait of a Jalalabad seething with humanity, adversity and hope – focusing on three gangs of children: the Ghostbusters, persecuted Kochi boys who hawk exorcisms of bad luck and demons; the Snow Monkeys, who sell ice cream to support their families; and the Gangsters, a razor gang led by a nine-year-old antihero called Steel, terrifying to the core but still capable of experiencing aspects of the childhood seemingly taken from him.
With a deeply humane vision,Gittoes shows us the unseen nature of Afghanistan’s politics, culture and society, up close and startlingly personal.


  • Video Librarian
    Snow Monkey presents the children and adults living in a much-demonized and war-wounded culture with heartbreaking humanity. Highly recommended.
  • Variety
    Snow Monkey takes a digressive approach to the documentary format, frequently taking time out from its human subjects to note the shocking details of daily life in Afghanistan, such as the drone bombers that routinely pass overhead. The effect is immersive, a word Gittoes positively welcomes.
  • Vice
    The gonzo documentary has the violence and B-movie tropes of The Act of Killing; the peace-and-love spirit of John and Yoko's Bed-Ins; and the meaningful-yet-not-corny community engagement of Jaimie Warren's social-practice art.

Festival Participation

  • Biografilm Festival - 2016
    Winner Audience Award for Best Film of Contemporary Lives
  • Sheffield Doc/fest - 2016
  • MIFF - 2015
  • IDFA - 2015

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