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Told through the eyes and hands of acclaimed artists across the world, the film explores the diverse subculture of taxidermy where sculptors must also be scientists, seeing life where others only see death. These passionate experts push creative boundaries. In an unexpected twist, “Stuffed” reveals the importance of preserving nature, using taxidermy as its unlikely vehicle, and the taxidermist as its wild driver.

Running Time: 85 min.
Subject(s): Arts and Culture, Nature and Wildlife
Language(s): English
Producer(s): Kaleena Kiff, Galen Fletcher
Cinematographer: Jan Balster
Editor(s): Jenn Strom
Production Company: Curiosity Pictures


  • “lyrical, poignant, and beautiful"
    The Austin Chronicle
  • "(Erich Derham) ... executed it to perfection“
    Ars Technica
  • "enchanting"

Festival Participation

  • SXSW - 2019
  • Seattle IFF - 2019
  • DocUtah - 2019
    Artistic Merit Award Feature

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