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The Corporation


Provoking, witty, stylish and sweepingly informative, THE CORPORATION explores the nature and spectacular rise of the dominant institution of our time. Part film and part movement, THE CORPORATION is transforming audiences and dazzling critics with its insightful and compelling analysis. Taking its status as a legal “person” to the logical conclusion, the film puts the corporation on the psychiatrist’s couch to ask “What kind of person is it?” THE CORPORATION includes interviews with Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Milton Friedman, Howard Zinn, Vandana Shiva and Michael Moore.


  • Cogent, entertaining, even rabble rousing indictment of perhaps the Most influential institutional model of our era.
    Denis Harvey, VARIETY
  • One of the most fascinating entries this season
    Stephen Holden, NEW YORK TIMES
  • Compelling, comprehensive and unsettling account of the rise and impact of the world's most powerful contemporary human institution.
    Geoff Pevere, TORONTO STAR
  • Some thorough research, a clear presentation and a nice knit with America's ongoing corporate scandals should prod uninformed viewers to think more deeply about the role of big business in the world.
    Richard James Harvis, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
  • Coolheaded and incisive...thorough and informative... It leaves audiences with a cold shiver!
  • People on both sides of the globalisation debate should pay attention. THE CORPORATION is a surprisingly rational and coherent attack on capitalism's most important institution.
  • Definitely the most socially important film I've see this year... Utterly entertaining...I strongly recommend that everyone in America see this film!
    Harry Knowles, AIN'T IT COOL NEWS

Festival Participation

  • Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, Netherlands - 2003
    Special Jury Award for Best Documentary
  • Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada - 2003
    Award for Most Popular Canadian Film
  • International Documentary Association, USA - 2004
    Nominated for IDA Award for Feature Documentary
  • Sundance Film Festival, USA - 2004
    Audience Award for World Cinema - Documentary
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival - 2004
    Audience Award
  • Genie Awards, Canada - 2005
    Genie Award for Best Documentary
  • National Association of Film and Digital Media Artists, USA
    Insight Award for Excellence
  • Sydney Film Festival, Australia
    Audience Award for Best Documentary
  • FIC Brasilia International Film Festival, Brazil
    Audience Award

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