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Sajid Khan Nasiri (Afghanistan) is one of the thousands of unaccompanied refugee children arriving in Western Europe every year in search of protection. They’ve often been through a life-threatening journey – which they call ‘the game’ – for many years. In the country of arrival, they hope to go to school and start a new life. But then a whole new game begins: ‘the mind game’. As a child, how do you deal with the enormous mental pressure of the journey, with distrustful authorities, and disturbing messages from the home front? The Mind Game is an intimate documentary about the psychological pressure that young refugees face, mostly filmed from a first hand perspective.

Festival Participation

  • Movies that Matter (Netherlands) - 2023
    Education Award
  • Mediterranean Youth Prize at Primed - 2023
  • DocsMX - 2023
    Best International Feature Documentary Award
  • Human Rights Film Festival Berlin - 2023
    Youth Jury Prize
  • Biografilm Festival (Italy) - 2023
    Bring The Change Award Aldini Valeriani, Bring The Change Award Arca di Noè, Special Mention "Tutta un’altra storia"
  • Refugee Arts Film Festival (Romania) - 2023
  • EBS International Documentary Film Festival (South Korea) - 2023
  • Festival des Libertés (Belgium) - 2023
  • AJB DOC Film Festival (Bosnia & Herzegovina) - 2023
  • UNHCR Refugee Film Festival (Japan) - 2023
  • Primed (France) - 2023
  • Global Health Film Festival (UK) - 2023
  • Verzio International Human Rights Festival (Hungary) - 2023
  • Trevignano Doc Stories (Italy) - 2023
  • VOICES (European Festival of Journalism and Media Literacy) (Italy) - 2024
  • Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival (Brazil) - 2024

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