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The Students of Umberto Primo


In Thessaloniki, Greece, under Nazi occupation, 96 percent of the Jewish population was sent to Auschwitz. This film documents the previously untold stories of some of the many young Jewish students attending the Italian school, Umberto Primo, who must put their hopes and dreams on hold and focus only on how they will survive. We recreate the stories, hopes, dreams, and ultimate fates of nine of these Jewish students. By recreating their stories, we also tell the story of the Holocaust in Greece.
The film is based on previously undiscovered archival material found by an Italian professor, and the testimonies of surviving protagonists.

Running Time: 83 min.
Subject(s): European History, History, Holocaust, War, Youth
Language(s): Greek, Italian
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Oneiro Company
Cinematographer: Dimitris Katsaitis
Editor(s): Vangelis Pyrpylis, Christos Ouzounis, Angelos Anggelopoulos
Production Company: Oneiro Company

Festival Participation

  • San Francisco Greek Film Festival - 2022
    Best Documentary
  • Los Angeles Greek Film Festival - 2022
    Best Documentary
  • London Greek Film Festival - 2022
    Best Documentary

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