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The Team


Following Kenya’s 2007 Presidential election, which threatened to push the country to civil war, the international community intervened and a fragile peace was brokered. An alternative local response is the creation of a taboo-breaking TV soap opera, “The Team,” following the struggles of a co-ed multi-ethnic football squad to overcome their differences, both on and off the pitch. There’s inherent drama behind any TV production: will deadlines be met; will it be good? But here the stakes are exponentially higher: if you don’t captivate an audience, you risk losing your country.


  • An absolute must-see
    – E. Nina Rothe, HUFFINGTON POST
  • Soccer and soap operas – these ultimate symbols of national unity in Kenya are put to the test and explored superbly by Patrick Reed in The Team. A film that will bring audiences closer to understanding faraway lands and nearby hearts.
    – Ariel Dorfman

Festival Participation

  • International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2010

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