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Tiny Tim – King for a Day


November 1996: Tiny Tim collapses on stage in Minneapolis while singing “”Tiptoe Through the Tulips,”” his 1968 hit. His third wife, Miss Sue, holds him as his heart stops. Our story begins here…
Tiny Tim’s life flashes before our eyes through his diaries, TV performances, and interviews. The narrative moves fluidly through time, focusing on the golden years of 1968-1970, culminating in his peak fame.
Herbert Khaury’s rise as Tiny Tim is a fairytale. Born in 1932, he was an outcast, the only child of a Jewish mother and a Lebanese Catholic father. His mother tried to institutionalize him. After a sign from God, he sang in falsetto in the 1950s, switching from guitar to ukulele to evade bullies. From


  • Variety
    The enticing documentary “Tiny Tim: King for a Day” captures the delightful insanity of how Tiny Tim, the kind of elfin novelty act you could imagine getting booed off the stage at an open-mic night, became, for a while, the biggest star on the planet
    Owen Gleiberman
  • Rolling Stone
    ...watching [King for a Day], you feel glad that such a genuine oddball lived his particular dream and never revealed any public bitterness over the arc of his life. His legacy, it turns out, was the last thing from tiny
    David Browne
  • LA Times
    ...never less than riveting
    Noel Murray
  • The Saturday Evening Post
    Documentarian Johan von Sydow’s nostalgic, funny, tuneful, and ultimately tragic biography of as much a portrait of Americans’ fickle fancies as it is an account of the performer’s lifetime of undulating fortunes
    Bill Newcott
    The documentary is lovingly and efficiently put together by director Johan von Sydow, who covers the life story of the high-voiced, ukulele-strumming, 'Tiptoe Through the Tulips' entertainer
    Sheila O'Malley

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  • Millennium Docs Against Gravity - 2021
    Nominee Chopin's Nose Award

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