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Anna Ronquillo, a French-Moroccan émigré living in Cape Town, is caught working illegally in a restaurant. She is told she has 48 hours in which to gather her possessions and return to France. In an ironic twist of colonial fate, this child of the First World is now not allowed to stay in the Third World. For Anna this is a living nightmare. Having fled a terrible domestic situation she has nothing to go back to in France. Desperate, she has one option: she must get married. Trouble is she is somewhat of a loner, so knows no-one prepared to tie the knot even in the case of a ‘visa marriage’. With her bags half-packed, she makes a drastic decision.

Running Time: 75 min.
Subject(s): African Cinema and Culture, Humor, Immigration and Migration, Law and Justice, Romance, Women
Language(s): English, French, French, Xhosa
Producer(s): Steven Markovitz, Elan Gamaker, Platon Trakoshis
Cinematographer: Christopher Wessels
Editor(s): Neal Markage, Tonia Selley, Eben Smal
Production Company: And Nu?, Big World Cinema, Brave Bunny

Festival Participation

  • Durban International Film Festival, South Africa - 2011
  • Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil - 2011
  • Cape Winelands Film Festival, Cape Town - 2011

Distribution Company

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