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White Noise


The Atlantic’s first feature documentary is the definitive inside story of the movement that has come to be known as the alt-right. With unprecedented access, White Noise tracks the rise of far-right nationalism by focusing on the lives of three of its main proponents: Mike Cernovich, a conspiracy theorist and sex blogger turned media entrepreneur; Lauren Southern, an anti-feminist, anti-immigration YouTube star; and Richard Spencer, a white-power ideologue. As white-nationalist violence surges in America and across the world, White Noise represents an urgent warning about the power of extremism, and where it’s going next.


  • Variety
    “RIVETING. LIVELY AND DISTURBING. Lombroso did his homework, embedding himself with these people for several years, so that he won their trust and became privy to their private lives.”
    Owen Gleiberman
  • The Boston Globe
    “FASCINATING, OUTRAGEOUS AND DISTURBING. An expertly edited, four-year immersion into a phenomenon that has shaped the volatile politics of our time. Its intimate and empathetic approach might be a more potent way of countering those who promote such toxic ideas than blunting confrontation.”
    Peter Keough
  • Indiewire
    “THE SCARIEST DOCUMENTARY OF THE YEAR. “White Noise” has a compelling message at its core, by daring viewers to see the worst of our society, and cautioning against the tendency to simply tuning it out.”
    Eric Kohn
  • The Playlist
    “GRADE A. White Noise builds a template for how in the modern media landscape, the need to confront and make noise can overlap with greed and narcissism to create deadly results.”
    Chris Barsanti
  • The Hollywood Reporter
    “FASCINATING. The intimate portrait of these shameless provocateurs sheds a much-needed spotlight, especially for those who remain ignorant of the most rabid right-wing media.”
    Frank Scheck
  • Screen Comment
    “SEARING. A more timely documentary there might not be the rest of this year.”
    Eric Althoff
  • The Aisle Seat
    “WHITE NOISE CHILLED ME TO THE BONE. Director Daniel Lombroso takes a very clear-eyed approach to the subject, utilizing unprecedented access to show the movement for what it is.”
    Mike McGranaghan
  • Sonic Cinema
    “AN UNCOMFORTABLE MUST-WATCH, regardless of what side of the spectrum you’re on.”
    Brian Skutle
  • Escape Into Film
    “INTIMATE AND UNFLINCHING. This documentary starkly examines the macro by focusing on the micro.”
    Paul Carlson

Festival Participation

  • Hot Spring Documentary Film Festival - 2020
    Official Selection
  • AFI Docs - 2020
    Official Selection
  • IDFA - 2020
    Official Selection

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