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Yerusalem: The Incredible Story of Ethiopian Jewry

Levi Zini 2021

In Ethiopia they were given the derogatory term “Falashas” (exiles). In the United States they were referred to as “Black Jews”. In Israel, they are Ethiopian Jews. They themselves would rather be called “Beta Israel” (House of Israel). Decedents of an ancient Jewish tribe, for over 2500 years they managed to uphold the laws of Judaism, all the while believing they were the last Jews on earth. The ties between Beta Israel and their fellow Jews were renewed only at the turn of the 20th century, thanks to the determination of a few individuals, and the exodus of Ethiopian Jews began.

Festival Participation

  • World Zionist Organization - With Maharata Baruch - 2021
  • Rutgers Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  • Milwaukee Jewish Federation - 2021
  • Houston Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  • Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  • Africa in Motion - 2021
  • Religion Today Film Festival - 2021
  • JNF Australia - 2021
  • Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  • Calgary Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  • JNF Canada - with Maharata Baruch - 2021
  • Concordia University - 2021
  • Chicago Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  • Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival - 2021

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