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Anxious Nation

A deep look into the crisis of anxiety and mental health in America
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Joining THOUSANDS of parents, professionals, researchers, and authors sharing & learning about the science of parenting, and how to cultivate positive mental health outcomes in our children.

Join us for a unique opportunity to view the award-winning documentary Anxious Nation: Harnessing Anxious Energy for Good.

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“Anxious Nation is doing such an important service to the entire mental health community and especially for the many, many young people who live with anxiety today.”

Vicky Goodman, President and Founder, Friends of Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA



Anxious Nation explores and captures the many faces and facets of anxiety. This feature-length documentary takes a deep look into the crisis of anxiety and mental health in America, especially its impact on kids (ages 10-26) and families. We zero in on how anxiety shows up, the nurture/nature debate, what’s happening in homes and society that’s significantly adding to the problem, the crisis on college campuses, and the impact of anxiety and mental health in lower socioeconomic communities, especially the brown and black communities. We discuss stigma, loneliness, isolation, disconnection, the alarming rise in suicide, the dangers of social media, overmedication, incorrect diagnoses, and the horrific mental health ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You will not need to go further than this documentary to understand the wave of anxiety that has hit our nation “ 

Lloyd Sederer, M.D., Psychology Today


The Anxious Nation Discussion and Engagement Guide.

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Welcome to the Child Psych Podcast

In this episode originally airing on March 27th, 2024, Co-Founder Tammy Schamuhn, interviews Laura Morton, director of the groundbreaking documentary “Anxious Nation” which has won 11 coveted filmmaking awards.

With the US ranking as the most “anxious nation” on the planet, a rare public advisory in 2022, the United States surgeon general warned of a mental health crisis among adolescents, especially anxiety disorders. This film explores how anxiety shows up in children and offers insights into managing mental health. In this episode, Laura shares her reasons for creating the film, the lessons she learned, and why this message needs to be received by as many parents and professionals as possible.

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