Available to stream: December 1, 2023 12:00 am - December 31, 2024 11:59 pm EST

Gratitude Revealed

You will be moved, touched, and inspired.
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Did you know your students can experience the tangible power of gratitude through courage, happiness, focus, mindfulness, connection, curiosity, forgiveness, patience, purpose, love, generosity, creativity, and wonder? Watch this epic film by Director Louie Schwartzberg (Fantastic Fungi) and utilize this free educational curriculum that is sweeping the globe to spread gratitude and connect us to one another in an era of hopeful change.

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We will assist you every step of the way, facilitating the logistics with and for you so you can bring Gratitude Revealed to your community.
We even have a beautiful companion educational curriculum for those wishing to dive deeper with expert guidance.


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Study Guide

The 32-page comprehensive educational curriculum Study Guide created for Gratitude Revealed is an invitation to explore the multifaceted qualities of gratitude in order to expand and benefit from its practice in our own lives. The materials are assembled for audiences in higher education, faith-based organizations, and general community screenings.


The guide is divided into 4 main chapters: Background, Before Watching, After Watching and Digging Deeper.
In addition, further reading suggestions are offered for different audiences in the Appendix, covering disciplines such as religion, biology, and psychology.

Overview Guide

See also the 6-page concise Gratitude Revealed Overview Guide created by Director and acclaimed filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, to help you plan, host and screen the film.


The overview will help you while watching the film, suggest further reading materials, raise questions for discussion, research and study and provide additional links to create and express the practice of gratitude.

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