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A Haunting History


After studying in England, the young and ambitious lawyer Anuol, returns to his homeland South Sudan. Haunted by his own violent past and committed to fighting against human rights violations, he believes that the law will be his only true guide to bring sustainable peace to the country. But his western education clashes with the minds of his fellow countrymen. While Anuol strongly believes in the healing power of justice by convictions, others think it best to lay the past to rest. Desperately trying to convince his countrymen that there is no reconciliation without justice, Anuol finds himself on the verge of a breakdown.

Running Time: 69 min.
Subject(s): Conflicts, Crime, Law and Justice, Politics, War
Language(s): English
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Ilse van velzen, Femke van velzen
Cinematographer: Rogier Timmermans, Stefano Bertaccini
Editor(s): Paul de Heer
Production Company: IF produtions

Festival Participation

  • Movies That Matter Festival, Den Haag - 2016
  • One World, Prauge - 2016
  • International Festival of Documentary Films on Human Rights - 2016
    Jury award
  • Movies that matter, Den Haag - 2016
  • Millenium Internationaal Documentaire F Festival, Brussel - 2016
  • Europeens parlement, België - 2016
  • Addis International Film Festival, Addis Abeba - 2016
  • San Sebastian Human rights Film Festival, Spain - 2016
  • Human rights & Human Dignity Int. F. Festival, Burma - 2016
  • Active Vista Film Festival, Philippines
  • Maria Loop Justice Film Festival, Calgary, Canada - 2016
  • Take One Action film Festival, Edinburg
  • Human Rights Nights Festival, Bologna
  • Nederland Film Festival, Utrecht
  • International Festival “Bir Duino Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

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