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Behind the Swedish Model


Behind The Swedish Model – a unique behind the scenes documentary from deep within the Swedish Government, following the decision-makers behind their controversial fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. While most countries endured harsh lockdowns during March 2020, Swedes went on with their lives largely as before, indulging in nightlife, visiting elderly relatives, and so on.
“Judge me in a year”, said Swedish public health boss, Dr. Anders Tegnell, in July 2020, whose actions and lack of actions are closely observed by the global media.

Running Time: 77 min.
Subject(s): Current Affairs, Health, Politics
Language(s): English, Swedish
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Viktor Nordenskiöld, Dylan Williams
Cinematographer: Viktor Nordenskiöld, Niklas Panthell
Editor(s): Tell Aulin, Petter Brundell, Simon Carlgren, Nils Nouchi, Viktor Nordenskiöld, Dylan Williams
Production Company: Freetown Films

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