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Food, Inc. 2


Reunite with investigative authors Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma) and Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation) in a a timely and urgent follow-up sequel to the groundbreaking Oscar®-nominated documentary FOOD, INC., and take a fresh look at our vulnerable food system.
FOOD, INC. ignited a cultural conversation about the multinational corporations controlling our food system at enormous cost to our planet, workforce, and health. FOOD, INC. 2 comes “back for seconds” to reveal how corporate consolidation has gone unchecked by our government, leaving us with a highly efficient yet shockingly vulnerable food system dedicated only towards increasing profits. The film seeks solutions by innovative farmers, food producers, workers’ rights activists, and prominent legislators to create a more sustainable future.


  • The Hollywood Reporter
    Food, Inc. 2 addresses issues of the utmost urgency, key among them unchecked business consolidation, the hegemony of multinational corporations, and an aggressive indifference to what’s healthful and sustainable for people, animals and the planet.
    Sheri Linden
  • Variety
    It’s clear that ethical shopping isn’t enough; that meaningful change is going to require breaking up the handful of very large and very powerful companies that dominate the food industry
    Pat Saperstein
  • Roger Ebert
    An engaging and watchable activist documentary that does make way for optimism in its last minutes
    Glenn Kenny
  • Scout Magazine
    Ready for a serious dose of 'food for thought'? Then rally your troupe and snag tickets to a screening of Food, Inc 2., playing at VIFF Centre from April 12th through 22nd. To say that “a lot” has happened over the past 15+ years since the original, critically-acclaimed Food, Inc.
    Thalia Stopa
  • POV Magazine
    Every problem addressed in the first documentary has worsened with consolidation, intensification, globalization, and political polarization.
    The sequel acknowledges that the system is so broken that consumers can’t fix it alone.
    Pat Mullen
  • Deadline Magazine
    The catalyst for the sequel became the pandemic, which exposed the vulnerabilities of a food system dominated by a handful of massive agribusiness companies including Cargill, ADM, and Tyson Foods.
    Matthew Carey
  • Maddwolf
    ★★★★ Food, Inc. 2 raises urgent issues. It’s essential that we listen. The filmmakers make a strong case for the fragile nature of our food supply.
    Rachel Willis
  • Josh at the Movies
    ★★★☆ Food Inc. 2 makes a meal of potent and flavorful analysis about the bitter, fickle food industry. With systems “fueling chronic diseases,” when will the cycle end? The only hope for change lies within.
    Josh Batchelder

Festival Participation

  • Telluride Film Festival - 2023
  • Sonoma Film Festival - 2024
  • Boulder International Film Festival - 2024
  • CPH:DOX - 2024
  • Docville - 2024
    Nominee Jury Award Best Topics Documentary
  • Docville - 2024
    Nominee National Lottery Prize Best Scientific Documentary
  • Sedona Film Festival - 2024
  • Phoenix Film Festival - 2024
  • Copenhagen Architecture Festival — CAFx - 2024

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