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Inequality For All


“We make the rules of the economy – and we have the power to change those rules.” – Robert Reich
A passionate argument on behalf of the middle class, INEQUALITY FOR ALL features Robert Reich – professor, best-selling author, and Clinton cabinet member – as he demonstrates how the widening income gap has a devastating impact on the American economy. The film is an intimate portrait of a man whose lifelong goal remains protecting those who are unable to protect themselves.


  • The Wrap
    "If you're looking for a streamlined explanation for the mess the U.S economy's in, and how we might get out, it's as good a place to start as any."
    Alonso Duralde
  • Los Angeles Times
    "Smart, funny and articulate, Robert Reich is the university professor we all wish we'd had. He's so accessible and entertaining he takes a subject that sounds soporific and makes it come alive like you wouldn't believe in "Inequality for All."
    Kenneth Turan
  • Huffington Post
    "a must-see movie"
    Roger Hickey
  • Toronto Star
    "intelligent, persuasive and accessible, a gentle but urgent clarion call to action"
    Peter Howell

Festival Participation

  • Sundance Film Festival - 2013
    U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Achievement in Filmmaking
  • Los Angeles Film Festival - 2013
  • Seattle International Film Festival - 2013
    Best Documentary
  • Tribeca Film Festival - 2013
  • March on Washington Film Festival - 2014
  • Movies that Matter Film Festival - 2013
  • Zurich Film Festival - 2013
    Best International Documentary Film

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