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Amos Gitai 1999

Meïr and Rivka have been married for ten years but have to divorce because they have no children. Malka, Rivka’s sister, is in love with Yaakov, who has chosen to live outside the community. The rabbi makes a decision: Malka will marry Yossef, his assistant. Rivka falls prey to solitude, while Malka chooses another path: rebellion.

Running Time: 110 min.
Subject(s): Cinema, Jewish Studies, Personal Story, Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality, Women
Language(s): Hebrew
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Amos Gitai, Michel Propper
Cinematographer: Renato Berta
Editor(s): Monica Coleman, Kobi Netanel
Production Company: Agav Hafakot, M.P. Productions, Le Studio Canal+, Mikado Films (Italy)


  • "This Portrayal is Beyond Belief"
    Daniel Johnson, The Daily Telegraph
  • "A Secret of Cinema"
    Peter Applebome, The New York Times

Festival Participation

  • Cannes Film Festival - 1999
    Official Selection, In Competition
  • Telluride Film Festival - 2000
  • British Independent Film Awards - 2000
    Best Foreign Independent Film
  • Rotterdam International Film Festival - 2000
  • Singapore International Film Festival - 2000

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