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In the past 10 years, over 200,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide. Their deaths are a response to the economic hardship experienced in India as globalization dramatically changes the country’s agricultural infrastructure. One journalist from Mumbai devotes himself to revealing the true severity of this agrarian crisis, previously ignored by both the local and international media.


  • Modern Times
    A reality check against the celebration of dizzying economic growth rates and the burgeoning consumerism that claim to be the face of modern India.
    Shweta Kishore
  • Sudy Speaks
    Contains content that can shake the nerves of even the most emotionally strong person.
    Sudeep Shenoy
  • EcoWTT
    Shows the pathetic conditions of the families who are forced to commit suicide due to the debt and humiliation caused by harmful policies pursued by the Government

Festival Participation

  • IDFA - 2009
  • Mumbai IFF
    FIPRESCI Award

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