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Oleg and the War


Ten-year-old Oleg lives in eastern Ukraine. He often plays with his younger cousin Yarik and older neighbor Kostya. Instead of playing on swings, they play in abandoned soldier warehouses, where mines and bullets scatter the floor. Instead of playing with a toy football, they play with a real gun. Oleg and his friends learn that their ‘toys’ can be dangerous, and their games might have real consequences. This film follows a year in the life of Oleg, highlighting how children can still have fun despite frightening circumstances.

Stand with Oleg, take action.

Oleg and the War is the children’s version of the award winning film The Distant Barking of Dogs.


  • Stand with Oleg, take action.
    Oleg and his grandmother Alexandra have been forced to leave their home in Eastern Ukraine.
    They need help to rebuild their home when it's safe to go back, and you can help them directly by donating here.

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