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In 2016, the world turned its eyes to the people of Standing Rock as they formed a coalition of unprecedented magnitude to defend their land and water from the threat of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
An inflection point for human rights and environmental justice, the #NoDAPL struggle became a rallying cry for Indigenous people everywhere to take a stand against the myriad injustices committed against them for centuries.
OYATE elevates the voices of Indigenous activists, organizers, and politicians as they offer their perspective on that complicated history, contextualize the #NoDAPL movement, illuminate the interconnectivity between the issues facing Indian Country today, and look towards a more sovereign and sustainable future for their people.


  • The Independent Critic
    Oyate is a vital and necessary documentary about a subject many Americans have only learned about in bits and pieces
    Richard Propes
  • Film Threat
    This ambitious documentary pulls together the stories of brutality on, injustice for, and neglect of America’s Indigenous people. The passion of the filmmakers (or its subjects) cannot be denied
    Rob Rector
  • Film Frenzy
    Oyate: Heroic Activists vs. Oily Villains
    While Oyate is focused on the issues that have affected and are still affecting indigenous people, it also touches upon two other factors affecting the country as a whole. One is the specter of police brutality; The other is, naturally, the insidiousness of the Trump Administration.
    Matt Brunson
  • Battle Royal With Cheese
    Oyate is worth watching as a reminder of how far America has to go for racial equality, despite the tide seemingly turning in recent years
    Joel Fisher
  • Cinevue telling the story of some of the United States’ most marginalised and persecuted people, [OYATE] is certainly an important [documentary]
    Christopher Machell

Festival Participation

  • Big Sky Documentary Film Festival - 2022
    Best Feature Nominee
  • Cleveland International Film Festival - 2022
    Local Heroes Competition Nominee
  • NDERFF North Dakota Environmental Rights Film Festival - 2022
    Jury Award Winner
  • NDERFF North Dakota Environmental Rights Film Festival - 2022
    Audience Choice Award Winner
  • Huntsville Human Rights Film Festival - 2022
  • Oklahoma City Documentary Film Festival - 2022
  • Milwaukee Cultures & Communities Festival - 2022
  • AFMX Albuquerque Film & Music Experience - 2022
    Best Director Winner
  • AFMX Albuquerque Film & Music Experience - 2022
    Native/Indigenous Film 1st Runner Up
  • New York Human Rights Film Festival - 2022
  • Chagrin Documentary Film Festival - 2022
  • Green Film Festival of San Francisco - 2022
  • North East International Film Festival, Newcastle - 2022
  • North Dakota Human Rights Film Festival - 2022
  • St. Louis International Film Festival - 2022
  • RNCI Red Nation International Film Festival - 2022
    Red Nation Awards Winner
  • Beloit International Film Festival, Twin Cities Film Festival - 2023
  • DOCNYC's "Only In New York" Development Program
  • Fargo Film Festival - 2023

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