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Q: Into the Storm


The docuseries explores the workings of QAnon, an online conspiracy led by the anonymous figure “Q.” To discover Q’s true identity, the filmmaker embeds in a dark underworld populated by trolls, political operatives, and QAnon’s key figures. A rivalry brews between Jim and Ron Watkins – the secretive father/son duo who own and run 8chan – and its young founder, Fred Brennan, the team behind 8chan, where Q posts its cryptic messages. Following a string of mass shootings linked to his website, Fred goes on a warpath to end 8chan and Q. The film delves into how QAnon began, and explores the players behind it, as well as asking bigger questions about how free speech impacts society.

Running Time: 6 x 60 min.
Subject(s): Current Affairs, Internet, Investigative Journalism, Mystery, Society, Technology
Language(s): English
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Cullen Hoback, Alina Solodnikova, Tina Nguyen ; Executive Producers: Oscar® winner Adam McKay, Todd Schulman, Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller
Cinematographer: Cullen Hoback
Editor(s): Tom Patterson, David Tillman, Evan Wise, Cullen Hoback
Production Company: HBO Documentary Films, Hyperobject Industries, Hyrax Films

Festival Participation

  • Primetime Emmy Awards - 2021
    Outstanding Picture Editing Nominee

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