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River’s End


River’s End explores the global water crisis, using California as a microcosm. It shows how water politics that led to the draining of the Owens Valley by Los Angeles, made famous by the film Chinatown, continue to this day in ongoing efforts to take ever more water from Northern California’s San Francisco Bay estuary. Except this time, the water grab is at the hands of industrial agriculture and its powerful corporate investors. River’s End inspires viewers to learn where their water comes from so that we can save our rivers and the ecosystems and communities that depend upon them.

Running Time: 82/58 min.
Subject(s): Activism, Business, Current Affairs, Ecology, Environment, Economy, Food, Science
Language(s): English
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Jacob Morrison, Kurt S. Kittleson, Sam Furie

Festival Participation

  • Wild & Scenic Film Festival - 2021

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