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Sushi: The Global Catch


For many, sushi is the most iconic Japanese cultural export and the epitome of the country’s cuisine. With wild fish stocks coming under increasing commercial pressures, what does the future hold for your favorite sushi bar? This film explores the history, future, and problems of this popular cuisine. From its humble beginnings as simple street food, sushi has exploded into an international phenomenon in just over 30 years, with restaurants cropping up in even the smallest towns worldwide.
Sushi: The Global Catch is a fascinating investigation into the cultural and economic consequences of our growing sushi addiction.


  • Video Librarian
    In this culinary-minded ecological documentary, filmmaker Mark S. Hall scrutinizes the state of today's bluefin tuna population, particularly in light of sushi's growing popularity. Recommended.
  • Educational Media Reviews Online
    Solutions are offered, although nothing is touted as the ideal means of reducing the negative effects of over-fishing… Recommended

Festival Participation

  • Seattle Film Festival
    Special Jury Prize
  • San Francisco Green Film Festival
    Audience Award
  • Food Film Festival
  • IDFA
  • Biografilm Festival

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