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The Chocolate War


A U.S. attorney has dedicated his life to abolish slavery and human trafficking and has been working for more than a decade to take the chocolate giants Nestlé and Cargill to the Supreme Court for violating the constitution by systematically producing their well-known brands by exploiting children in Ivory Coast’s cocoa production. He and his colleague are facing a difficult task, fighting the food giants and their army of lawyers.
He travels back to Mali and the Ivory Coast in West Africa to gather new evidence for the trial, witnessing just how far the chocolate industry will go to cover up the truth about the estimated 1.5 million children working illegally in the cocoa production.


  • Screen Daily
    Miki Mistrati’s third documentary on the ethical failures of the chocolate industry focuses on child trafficking to the Ivory Coast... leave enlightened about the real cost of chocolate
    Wendy Ide
  • Film Fest Report
    An eye-opening thriller doc chronicling one man’s fight against a billion-dollar industry, convicted of child trafficking and slavery
    Abdul Latif
  • cineuropa
    Suspenseful investigative documentary, with dramatic music, fast cutting and plenty of contextual narrative titles which make the story crystal clear.
    Vladan Petković
  • Business Doc Europe
    Hopefully, this film will start that movement where people say ‘enough is enough.’
    Geoffrey Macnab
  • Variety will think twice before buying your next chocolate bar.
    Lise Pedersen

Festival Participation

  • Warsaw International Film Festival - 2022
    Nominee Best Documentary Feature
  • CPH:DOX - 2022
    Nominee F:ACT Award
  • Cinema for Peace Awards - 2022
    Nominee Cinema for Peace, Dove for Justice Award
  • Human Rights Film Festival, Berlin - 2022
  • Cinema for Peace - 2022
    Nominee Most Valuable Film of the Year
  • Prix Italia - 2022

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