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The Disruptors (Events)


ADHD is one of the most commonly diagnosed-and widely misunderstood-neurological conditions in the world today, affecting nearly 10% of kids and a rising number of adults. But what if having an ADHD brain is actually an asset? A growing number of innovators, entrepreneurs, CEOs, Olympic athletes, and award-winning artists have recently disclosed that their ADHD, managed effectively, has played a vital role in their success. The Disruptors hears from many of those game-changing people about their ADHD, and takes an immersive look at our approach to ADHD that debunks the most harmful myths, and intimately takes viewers inside a number of families as they navigate the challenges – and the surprising triumphs – of living with ADHD.


  • ADDitude
    “The Disruptors” ADHD documentary breaks down myths and misconceptions by following five households affected by ADHD and showcasing the messy parts of parenting neurodivergent children."
    Melanie Wolkoff Wachsman
  • Nantucket Magazine
    "Armstrong’s documentary, which was directed by award-winning filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig of Atlas Films, not only destigmatizes and demystifies ADHD, but also shows how this brain type can actually become a super-strength if harnessed correctly."
    Robert Cocuzzo
  • Greenwich Time
    "While the documentary spotlights celebrities and what their ADHD diagnoses have meant for them, the true emphasis is on the families that have experienced the negative stigma associated with the condition."
    Andrew DaRosa

Festival Participation

  • San Diego International Film Festival - 2021
    Audience Choice Doc Winner
  • Awareness Film Fest - 2021
  • Nantucket Film Festival - 2021
  • Accolade Global Film Competition - 2021
    Honorable Mention, The Humanitarian Award, Documentary Feature
  • Greenwich International Film Festival - 2022
  • Studio City Film Festival - 2021

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