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The Last Catch


Once a year schools of European bluefin tuna migrate from the Atlantic to spawning grounds in the Mediterranean. It is a well-established fact that tuna stocks now face imminent collapse. Yet they are still being fished during spawning season, interrupting the natural cycle of replenishment. Expert Roberto Mielgo accuses Japanese commodity traders for freezing tons of fish to dictate the prize. But not only the fish face the danger of extinction, so do the traditional fishermen.


  • Left Lion
    The underwater cinematography is beautiful, offering a haunting glimpse into the peaceful waters under scrutiny, above which pure turmoil threatens the futures of a generation of men.
  • The List
    Absorbing documentary which explores the rapid growth of the tuna industry.

Festival Participation

  • FIPA
  • Bergen IFF
  • CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival
    International Documentaries Competition Award
  • NaturVision Filmfestival Ludwigsburg
    Conservation and Sustainability Award
  • SiciliAmbiente Documentary Film Festival
    Best Documentary Runner Up

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