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The Men’s Room


15 years ago, they promised to sing in each other’s funerals.
But now the joke has become reality.
Their beloved conductor, Ivar, has been diagnosed with cancer and has just 3 months left to live. But he refuses to die before their biggest gig ever: Warming up for Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne on Midsummer’s Eve in front of 10.000 people.
The song and the brotherhood in choir gives Ivar strength to carry on longer than the doctors thought was ever
possible – the music becomes life-prolonging. Ivar’s persistence to conduct until he dies makes the men think
about some of life’s biggest questions; When you are doing everything for the last time – what is there to live for?

Festival Participation

  • Bergen International Film Festival - 2018
    Norwegian Documentary Winner
  • Copenhagen CPH DOX - 2019
    Nordic Dox Awards Winner
  • Busan International Film Festival - 2019
    Documentary Competition
  • Odessa International Film Festival - 2019
    Best European Documentary
  • Stockholm Film Festival - 2019
    Official selection

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