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We’re Not Broke


America is in the grip of a societal economic panic. Lawmakers cry “We’re Broke!” as they slash budgets, lay off schoolteachers, police, and firefighters, crumbling our country’s social fabric and leaving many Americans scrambling to survive. And while the deficit climbs and the cuts go deeper, these corporations—with intimate ties to our political leaders—are concealing colossal profits overseas to avoid paying U.S. income tax.


  • Variety
    "Kicking assets and taking names, WE'RE NOT BROKE gets in the face of deficit hawks and budget cutters with a well-researched, brightly presented and provocative argument that the U.S. isn't overtaxed and profligate, but rather a paradise for corporate tax cheats."
  • Noah Nelson, Huffington Post
    "In the new documentary WE'RE NOT BROKE directors/producers Karin Hayes and Victoria Bruce examine the income side of the equation with surgical precision, laying bare the system of off-shore tax havens, massive corporate lobbying, and accounting trickery that transforms the United States' 35% corporate tax into an effective 0%."

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