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The Women Pioneers


A hundred years ago, women pioneers came from Europe to Palestine, to realize the dream of creating a new woman in a new world, a woman who is as independent as men are. The women pioneers have left diaries and texts which tell their stories. Their writings shed new light on the archival footage of the time. The Women/Pioneers uncovers the course of their passionate battles and painful disappointments, until they were defeated, and gave up their own liberation for the national struggle.


  • Sundance Film Festival
    "A nuanced and wrenchingly moving story, WOMEN PIONEERS points a radically new lens on a history that’s largely been understood through the experiences of men. It cleverly stretches the historical, in the archival documentary form, bringing female characters to life and unearthing the feminist underpinnings of the pioneers' movement".
    Caroline Libresco
  • Some Zionist Dreams Still Unfulfilled
    The relationship between women and Israel has long been contentious. On many counts the country has been on the cutting edge of progressive rights, yet its residual chauvinism repeatedly obstruct women’s freedom. A powerful new film tackles this set of problems with distinctive voices, exploring what Israel was able to offer women throughout the last century—an escape, an opportunity, a dream—and whether it fulfilled its promise.
    Lauren Davidson
  • Jury Statement - International Women's Film Festival in Rehovot
    The Best Documentary Film Award goes to Michal Aviad’s The Women Pioneers. Michal Aviad turns the spotlight on one of Zionist history’s hidden corners. Using fascinating journals, rare archival materials and complex editing, she manages to create a wonderful collage, giving for the first time voice to women who arrived to Palestine at the 1920s. And what kind of voice is it? Clear, committed, interrogative, critical and painful. It feels the pain of the new woman, the model society and the dream of equality between the sexes. We are especially happy to grant the Best Documentary Film Award to a film that gives a voice to the women, whose aspirations and questions from 90 years ago are so relevant to our life today.

Festival Participation

  • International Women's Film Festival in Rehovot - 2013
    Best Documentary Award
  • Docaviv - 2013
  • Sundance Film Festival - 2013

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