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112 Weddings

Doug Block 2013

As a part-time wedding videographer hired for his intimate documentary style, filmmaker Doug Block frequently found himself standing feet away from two virtual strangers as they publicly pledged their everlasting love and fidelity to each other. He’d come away from the day with a strong sense of the couples and feeling an unusual bond, only to send them the videos a few weeks later… and never see them again. Block long wondered what became of these couples with whom he shared such an emotional experience. Is married life what they thought it would be? Are they still together?


  • Variety
    These real-life mini-dramas are naturally involving
  • The Hollywood Reporter
    Invoking both laughter and tears
  • Empire Magazine
    Sometimes charming, occasionally sad, the couples' stories are often a joy to behold. The secrets of a successful marriage remain mysterious, however.
    Angie Errigo
  • Time Out
    The scary part about 112 Weddings is not even the divorced couples, but the still-married, happy but stressed ones talking honestly.
    Cath Clarke

Festival Participation

  • EBS International Documentary Festival - 2014
    Audience Award
  • Full Frame Film Festival - 2014
  • HotDocs - 2014
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest - 2014
  • CPH:DOX - 2014

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