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Deep Rising


Matthieu Rytz returns to Sundance (Anote’s Ark, 2018) with this up-to-the-minute tale of geopolitical, scientific, and corporate intrigue that exposes the machinations of a secretive organization empowered to green light massive extraction of metals from the deep seafloor that are deemed essential to the electric battery revolution.


  • The New York Times
    ‘Deep Rising’ Review: Who Gets to Mine the Ocean Floor?
    NYT Critic’s Pick
    By Lisa Kennedy
  • Variety
    A showcase for incredible underwater sights
    Dennis Harvey
  • The Hollywood Reporter
    You can get visual whiplash while watching Matthieu Rytz’s documentary about the geopolitical, economic, social and ecological ramifications of mining the planet’s ocean floors for metals.
    Frank Scheck
  • Collider
    A compelling watch.
    Essential for anyone who has bought into the new green revolution, Deep Rising is a warning that there are no quick fixes, and we should always be wary of miracle solutions, as none really exist.
    Therese Lacson
    This excellent documentary is a potent reminder we must do more to protect our planet and its natural resources from greedy investors and rich schmucks who simply can't give up their addiction to profiting off of Earth's offerings.
    Alex Billington
  • Deadline
    The beauty, power and urgency of this film is undeniable
    Matt Grobar

Festival Participation

  • Cleveland International Film Festival - 2023
    Nominee Global Health Competition Best Film
  • CPH:DOX - 2023
    Nominee F:ACT Award
  • The Hague Movies that Matter Festival - 2023
    Nominee Grand Jury Documentary Award Best Documentary
  • Docville - 2023
    Nominee Jury Award Best Topics Documentary
  • Sundance Film Festival - 2023

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