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Nuclear Now


With unprecedented access to France, Russia, and the United States’ nuclear industry, Nuclear Now envisions a world where nuclear energy triumphs over climate change and energy poverty. Beneath our feet, Uranium atoms hold an incredible energy reserve, unlocked during the mid-20th century for bombs and submarines. As societies transitioned from fossil fuels to nuclear power, a long-term PR campaign, funded by coal and oil, aimed to sow public fear of harmless low-level radiation and blur the line between nuclear weapons and energy. Oliver Stone reminds us that knowledge conquers fear, and our human ingenuity can tackle the climate crisis.


  • The New York Times
    "The film’s aversion to formal or rhetorical bombast as it discusses scientists’ hopes for a better future is its own balm. We’re staring down catastrophe, Stone explains matter-of-factly, but our greatest tool is already in our grasp."
    Brandon Yu
  • Variety
    "In a vital and grounded movie that demands to be seen, Stone argues that the perceived dangers of nuclear energy are dwarfed by the impending catastrophe of climate change."
    Owen Gleiberman
  • The Harvard Gazette
    "'Nuclear Now' paints a picture of urgent need"
    Anna Lamb
  • Spectrum Culture
    "Nuclear Now’s most compelling and eye-opening moments are front-loaded in the film, as Stone shares this history and debunks the various arguments against this zero-emission energy."
    Josh Goller
  • CNBC
    "Oliver Stone’s new movie makes the case nuclear power is the obvious solution to climate change"
    Catherine Clifford
  • Al Jazeera
    "At a time when most scientists agree we need to drastically cut our fossil fuel use to avoid permanently damaging our ecosystems, he is all in. We need nuclear, Stone says. Nuclear Now."
    Kristen Saloomey

Festival Participation

  • Venice Film Festival - 2022
    CICT-UNESCO Enrico Fulchignoni Award
  • Docville - 2023
    Best Scientific Documentary
  • Deauville Film Festival - 2023
  • Jerusalem Film Festival - 2023
  • CPH:DOX - 2023
  • Zurich Film Festival - 2022

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