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My Beautiful Dacia


My Beautiful Dacia is an extravagant journey from Communism to Capitalism, seen from the perspective of one of Romania’s most emblematic symbols, the Dacia automobile. The film follows different generations of Romanians, from those nostalgic of a better past to the young entrepreneurs, showing the present transformation of Romanian society.
The connecting point between the different stories is always the Dacia car: first, a symbol of the ambitions of Communist technology and now a reflection of the new global economy, after being bought by Renault in 1999.


Festival Participation

  • Margaret Mead Film Festival - New York - 2010
  • Sardinia International Ethnographic Film Festival - SIEFF 2010
  • Documentarist Turkey - 2010
  • Transylvania International Film Festival - 2010
  • Documenta Madrid
    Second Prize of the Jury
  • Tempo Documentary Festival - Sweden
  • ZagrebDOX
  • Trieste Film Festival
  • Astra Film Festival - Poland
  • Festival des Films du Monde - Montreal
  • Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de la Ciudad de México.
  • Corona Cork Film Festival

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