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Justice for Sale


JUSTICE FOR SALE follows Claudine, a young and courageous human rights lawyer, in her struggle against injustice and widespread impunity in Congo. She investigates the case of Masamba, a soldier who was convicted of rape, and discovers that his trial was corrupt and unfair. He was jailed without any concrete evidence. In Claudine’s journey to obtain justice, she uncovers a system where the basic principles of law are virtually ignored. Masamba’s trial also raises questions about the financial support that the international community and NGOs offer to the Congolese judicial system. Is it creating a justice that’s for sale? And if so, who pays the price?


  • "...there is always something in their films that amazes me. In this one, there is a female lawyer, who is very well chosen. She makes a very cynical remark that as these trials are paid for by NGOs, they demand to see some measure of success. So now and then punishments are given just to satisfy the requirements of these NGOs - this was one scene that I thought was remarkable."
    Jannie Lagnbroek, Chairman Jan Vrijman Fund Board and IDFA Industry Office
  • NL Magazine
    “Since the first film, the Congo’s rape record has captured the world’s attention and numerous international NGOs have set up local operations aimed at bringing rapists to justice. …[the film] looks set to prompt some interesting discussions.”
  • Educational Media Reviews Online
    “Highly recommended and absolutely necessary for all African studies programs.”

Festival Participation

  • Afrika Film Festival, Belgium - 2012
  • Festival International de Films de Femmes de Creteil, France - 2012
  • Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, USA - 2012
  • Sarasota International Film Festival, USA - 2012
  • Aljazeera Festival Documentary Film Festival, Quatar - 2012
  • Addis International Film Festival, Ethiopia - 2012
  • Planet Doc Film Festival, Poland - 2012
  • Seattle International Film Festival, USA - 2012
  • Movies That Matter Festival, Netherlands - 2012
  • One World International Human Rights Documentary Festival, Cze - 2012
  • International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2012
  • The International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) - 2011

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