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One More Dead Fish


When six handline fishermen seize a Federal building in Nova Scotia and barricade themselves inside for 26 days, the Canadian government refuses to negotiate. These protestors say their unlikely journey from rednecks to radicals is part of a decades-long battle against corporate industrialization and environmental devastation. With scientists warning of a complete collapse of global fish stocks by 2048, One More Dead Fish cuts through a fog of government mismanagement and Orwellian misinformation with clarity and cutting-edge scientific analysis. Narrated by NPR’s Scott Simon and directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Stefan Forbes, this film bears witness to one of the most important environmental protests of the late 20th century.


  • Toronto Star
    “One More Dead Fish has an outsider advantage, doing what reams of videotape on the issue have not, going outside the Canadian policy quagmire to situate the well-worn crisis in a much larger global context.”
  • The Detroit News
  • Sierra Club Magazine
    “Occasionally jaw-dropping and often heart wrenching...captures the breadth and complexity of a truly global problem.”
  • “A powerful and provocative portrayal of a community fighting back against government promoted, corporate destruction of their livelihood”.
    filmmaker Michael Moore
  • “An inspiring example of working people resisting the giant forces of globalization, in the great tradition of civil disobedience on behalf of justice.”
    Historian Howard Zinn
  • “Terrific film! I hope it is widely seen.”
    Filmmaker Haskell Wexler
  • “Excellent!”
    Ken Loach, Cannes Prix D’Or
  • “Unfolds like a thriller, taking you behind the headlines of a complex and often shocking story. A powerful film, filled with dignity, heartbreak, and hope.”
    Filmmaker, CBC commentator Avi Lewis
  • "A compelling story…based on unimpeachable science."
    Les Watling, PhD., Darling Marine Centre, U. of Maine
  • "This inspiring film is a lesson to all citizens about the urgent need for sustainable fisheries. Very moving."
    U.S. Congressman William J. Delahunt, MA
  • "Riveting cinematography...You must see it!"
    Ted Danson, Oceana
  • “This film has the ring of the truly spoken...the real story behind one of the most important social protests of the last quarter-century.”
    Donald Grady, Professor of Sociology, Acadia University, Canada
  • “...Very important to communities struggling against powerful corporate forces...”
    Jessica Brown, V.P., QLF / Atlantic Centre for the Environment

Festival Participation

  • Planet in Focus Film Festival, Toronto
  • Columbus Int’l. Film Festival
  • Vermont International Film Festival
  • Seoul Human Rights Film Festival
  • Maine International Film Festival

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