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Reporters Against Power


When powerful governments don’t want to be controlled, journalists become weapons against dictatorship and injustice. In their plight for truth, their pens become swords. Journalist Fidan Ekiz travels to Columbia, Turkey, Uganda, Russia, Myanmar and Hong Kong to speak to the people committed to reporting on the society around them, despite the considerable risks that this involves. In this six-part series, Ekiz explores how journalists can make a profound difference, whilst facing threats both to their own personal safety and to the concept of Truth itself.

Running Time: 6x42 min.
Subject(s): Conflicts, Current Affairs, European History, Human Rights, Investigative Journalism, Politics, Poverty, Society
Language(s): Burmese, Chinese, Dutch, English, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Anja van Oostrom, Joanne Becker
Cinematographer: Jan Pieter Tuinstra
Editor(s): J.P. Luijsterburg
Production Company: Episode One

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