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The Longest Voyage


2022 marks the 500 year anniversary of Magellan and Elcano’s landmark circumnavigation of the globe – an incredible 3-year voyage that opened the gateway to the modern age. In charting our world, they opened the door to man’s next challenge: the journey into space. Both the Space Race and the Age of Discovery were races between two superpowers that divided the world, involved extremely dangerous journeys posing enormous technical challenges and changed humanity forever. The Longest Voyage is an animated documentary from the award-winning team behind ’30 Years of Darkness’. Twin stories of two of humanity’s greatest ever achievements. Different eras, same adventure.

Festival Participation

  • World Film Carnival - 2021
    Best Animated Film
  • Vesuvius International Film Festival - 2021
    Best Animated Documentary
  • Tagore International Film Festival - 2021
    Outstanding Achievement Award for an Animated Film
  • Semana Internacional de Cine en Valladodid - 2020
  • Golden Cali Film and Art Awards - 2021
  • International Animation Festival - 2021
    Quarter-Finalist in Feature-Length Category
  • Los Angeles Animation Festival - 2021
  • Switzerland International Film Festival - 2021

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